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The Texas Fallen Heroes Memorial Ride & Festival is the official benefit fundraiser for the Texas Line of Duty Death Task Force .  The purpose of the memorial ride it to bring a greater awareness to the Task Force and to raise funds to help support the departments and families who have suffered a line of duty injury or death.


"Remembering the Survivors by Never Forgetting the Fallen"

"The mission of the Texas Line of Duty Death Task Force is to provide excellent, compassionate, and immediate care to those who have been injured in the line of duty and to the families of those who have died in the line of duty. We also provide caring and objective assistance to departments who have suffered a line of duty injury or death of a member. We believe in giving full respect to the dignity of each individual that we work with, whether it be a family member, an officer, or a rank and file emergency worker. Our wish is to show honor to the fallen (both injured and those who have died) in the work that we do.













In fulfilling this mission, we make the following commitments:

To the families and departments we serve: We promise you our respect, integrity, caring and concern in all of our interactions.  We will treat you with dignity and your loved one with honor.  Our commitment is to continually expand our knowledge, resources and skills so that we can offer you the best services and support that you need.

To the communities in which we serve: We promise to provide excellent services and programs to affected departments and families of injured and fallen firefighters & EMS workers.  We strive to create strong, collaborative relationships with other fire & EMS organizations as well as community organizations.

To those who support us: We recognize that your time, money and concern for the families of the fallen make our work possible, and we endeavor to utilize these resources wisely.  Working together, we can help bring comfort and healing to those departments and families who have suffered a tremendous tragedy.

These values and commitments guide our decisions and behaviors.


To learn more about the Texas LODD Task Force please visit our website: www.texasloddtaskforce.com